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2008 Exhibitions

Reflecting Place No. 4 (St. Louis Arches)                                Installation Artist:  Molly A. Phillips
Summer 2008

The mirrored scrim of an historic brick façade invites reflection on the past glory of an abandoned
of urban center and its role in present redevelopment. The context changes as the work is installed
in different locales. The images shift and fragment with movement of the scrim: the reflection
becomes foreground to the surrounding structures.  It invites the viewer to reconsider the urban
landscape: …how we shape our cities…how they shape us.

Whirl Wind                                                                                     Installation Artist:  Randolph L. Bradley
From 15 July 2008  – 20 September 2008

In a dizzying turn of events, a three foot diameter ventilation fan punches through the Roof-A-Rama
exhibition to offer an exhausting display of fresh air.

2007 Exhibitions

Roof-A-Rama                                                                                   Installation Artist:  Randolph L. Bradley
From 5 September 2007  – 21 November 2007

In an outdoor installation covering 10,000 s.f., the artisan and his crew playfully stack simple
geometric shapes - white cubes and cylinders - in juxtaposition to Saint Louis' catenary Arch.

2006 Exhibitions

Blue Movie:  Turning Red                                                              Artist:  Anne D. War's-Hell
From 2 March 2005 to 15 September 2005

This pastiche integrates a theater of works.  Featured sculpture includes Gimmie a Lift, The
Factory:  An Allegory (aka The Secret of Mondrian), Paint the Town Red, A Sign of the Times, Cut it
Out, In Front of the Green Doors, the reprise Behind the Green Doors (a Double Feature), Cargo
Cult, Scaffolding (a Temporary Installation), Chopper, and Flower Child.

2005 Exhibitions

At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature                                              Installation Artist:  Randolph L. Bradley
From 2 March 2005 to 15 September 2005

The breakthrough installation, At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature, features on of the artist's first
works of welded metal.  According to the artist, "I wanted to blur the distinction between us and
them, interior and exterior spaces, and artificial and natural light.  I envisioned a piece that made
art accessible.  While six months transpired during the creation of this piece, the installation really
ramped up in the end."  At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature is the natural follow up to the influential
signature piece Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

2004 Exhibitions

Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution                                       Artist:  Conan Edogawa
From 19 October 2004 to 29 December 2004

Building a ramp to bridge spaces public and private, this exhibit integrates sculpture accessible to
all.  Includes Form, Fit and Function; Deck or Bedecked; Defence is Black; and the influential
signature piece Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.
Art2Part ® Gallery
2035 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63103

2009 Exhibitions

Design Criteria
1 January 2009 - Ongoing

A virtual gallery of designs, options, and opportunities displaying the future of art in Saint Louis.