Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Sol'n
Dateline 10JUL1999-A freak
windstorm enhances 2035 Delmar
acquisition negotiations with the
Authority of the City of St. Louis
(PIEA).  Fortunately, this new
design feature does not increase
the purchase price.  Note the
former Warner-Lambert
Pharmaceutical building in the
background.  The operative word
here is former.
Dateline 25JUN2000-Competing
paint schemes.  Which will win?  
Our contestant on the left is
Cranberry Bog.  Our contestant on
the right is Naturel.  Cranberry Bog
wins with a knock out!
Dateline 25NOV2001-
Remembering the machinist's
motto to measure twice and cut
once, pine boards are turned into a
prototype ramp to validate the
slope and dimensions of the
accessible ramp, and the requisite
turning radius for the vehicle
drive-in ramp.
Dateline 19OCT2004-The Art2Part ®
crew of Randolph Bradley, Myron
Swink, & Antoinne Reese digging
Dateline 19OCT2004-Crew
member Myron Swink trenches the
accessible ramp.
Dateline 14NOV2004-Progress will
not be denied!  The plywood forms
are in, the concrete has been
poured, and the project is moving
Dateline 22NOV2004-The The 8"
thick concrete walls are emerging
with the removal of the plywood
Dateline 5DEC2004-Myron Swink
and Jimmie Parker persevere
through rain and darkness while
laying granite cobblestone.
Dateline 29DEC2004-The wrought
iron fence, and accessible ramp
are officially complete!

Next step:  Sawcut through the
blue lines in the concrete masonry
units before installing the steel
lintel and I-beam, and drive-in
double doors.
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Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution                                                                                                                           Artist:  Conan Edogawa
From 19 October 2004 to 29 December 2004

Building a ramp to bridge spaces public and private, this exhibit integrates sculpture accessible to all.  Includes Form, Fit and
Function; Deck or Bedecked; Defence is Black; and the influential signature piece Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.
Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
What's Red, White, & Green?
Deep Thought
Disaster Area
I'm Diggin' It...
Form, Fit and Function #2 of a Series
Deck or Bedecked
Form, Fit and Function #1 of a Series
Defense is Black
Art2Part ® Gallery
2035 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63103