At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature
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At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature                                                                                                          Installation Artist:  Randolph L. Bradley
From 2 March 2005 to 15 September 2005

The breakthrough installation, At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature, features on of the artist's first works of welded metal.  According to
the artist, "I wanted to blur the distinction between us and them, interior and exterior space, and artificial and natural light.  I envisioned
a piece that opens doors to make art accessible.  Although six months transpired during creation, in the end things really ramped
up."  At the Drive-In:  A Double Feature is the natural follow up to the influential signature piece Access:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.
Kicking Back
Dateline 2MAR2005-Saw cutting
the 12" thick masonry wall.  Neither
rain nor sleet nor snow will keep the
determined renovator from pursuing
Dateline 9APR2005-The bar joists
supporting the roof are themselves
supported by jack posts.
Dateline 9APR2005-Randolph
Bradley tests the burglar proofing.  
Two 12' by 4' frames with 3/4"
plywood securing the opening
separate the seedy side of St. Louis
from pay dirt.  Fortunately, the
burglar proofing held.
Dateline 15SEP2005-The
Art2Part ® manufactory sports a
trendy cobblestone patio next to
drive-in double doors.
Dateline 24MAY2005-Crew member
Myron Swink peers over the burglar
proofing plywood planks as
Randolph Bradley prepares to hoist
the steel I-beam and lintel plate
into place, over the door opening.
Dateline 25MAY2005-Dale Wrather
drops by from Med-Vac, Inc., to
weld the 3" angle iron on either side
of the door opening to the steel
lintel plate.  Earlier, Dale welded
the I-beam to the lintel at Med-Vac.
Dateline 6JUL2005-The previous
gutter was attached to a wood nailer
secured to the top row of concrete
block.  Unfortunately, as the roof
expanded and contracted, it
cracked 95' of concrete block.  Rusty
I-beams and lintel plates did not
help either.  All was rebuilt over time.
Dateline 31MAY2005-The Concete
laid over the door, grouted solid
around rebar, and pinned to the
wall on each side with rebar
secured in epoxy.  An expansion
joint on either side of the door takes
up the inevitable movement in the
building over time.
Dateline 12JUL2005-When it
rains, it pours.  Tarps keep out the
rain as best as possible.
Dateline 15SEP2005-The drive-in
double doors sport industrial strength
top and bottom bolts holding the
secondary door securely in place.  
Weatherstripping around the door
keeps the elements at bay.
Behind the Green Doors
Looking Down on Creation
Pole Position
Torrential Rainz
Lintel Rebuilding in the Hot, Hot Sun
Welding the Sculpture
I-Beam Me Up, Scotty
If I Can Do This, What About the Bad
Painting the Sculpture
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