Reflecting Place No. 4
(St. Louis Arches)
Dateline 31AUG2008-The artist's
latest installation features a
reflective building façade
comprised of brick sized mirrored
tiles.  Fastened to a transparent
screen, the mirrored bricks are
reminiscent of the memory of the
building that once stood on the
now vacant lot.  
Dateline 31AUG2008-The
transparent installation will be
photographed looking through the
mirrored façade to the future – the
new headquarters of the St. Louis
Gateway Classic Sports
Foundation, and reflecting back on
the past – the restoration of the
Majestic Stove Lofts by developer
Bob Wood.  
Dateline 31AUG2008- Artist M. A.
Phillips photographed her  
installation Reflecting Place 4 (St.
Louis Arches) – Delmar on Sunday,
The project garnered much
interest and numerous favorable
comments from local loft dwellers!  
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Reflecting Place No. 4 (St. Louis Arches)                                                                                 Installation Artist:  M. A. Phillips
Summer, 2008

"The mirrored scrim of an historic brick façade invites reflection on the past glory of an abandoned of urban center and its role in
present redevelopment. The context changes as the work is installed in different locales. The images shift and fragment with
movement of the scrim: the reflection becomes foreground to the surrounding structures.  It invites the viewer to reconsider the
urban landscape: …how we shape our cities…how they shape us."  M. A. Phillips
Reflecting Place No. 4-Delmar
Artist M. A. Phillips (Right) Installs Reflecting Place
No. 4-Delmar
A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes
Art2Part ® Gallery
2035 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63103