Blue Movie:  Turning Red
Dateline 31MAY05-Construction
on the Majestic Stove Lofts is
going full force.  Note the white
sign to the lower left of the
building.  A sing of the times, in
Dateline 9OCT2005- Before there
was Majestic Stove Lofts, there was
J.L. Marsh of St. Louis.  Courtesy of
Robert Wood, we present this
restored sign of the times.
Dateline 13NOV2006-In a sneak
preview, the answer to what's
"Behind the Green Doors" is
revealed.  Nothing.  The ladder of
success still remained to be climbed.
Dateline 17DEC2006-The crew
hams it up before "Scaffolding," a
temporary installation.
Warhol called his art studio The
Factory.  This studio is The
Manufactory.  In the current
installation, artist Randolph
Bradley puts the finishing touches
on the Mondrian-esque windows.  
They look out to the concrete
Turning Red, of the 3,500
s.f. addition built in 1959.
Dateline 5AUG2006-Ted Swink
paints bar joists.  The joist were first
vacuumed, then power washed,
then hand washed, then primed,
then painted with two coats of
Sherwin-Williams Black Industrial
Dateline 11AUG2007-Myron Swink
introspection.  Someone is plumb
tuckered out!  Unfortunately, the
press panned
Blue Vacuum,
contending "It sucks."
Dateline 5AUG2007-The
beautification efforts continue both
inside and outside The work tilling
soil, cleaning off the masonry
edging strip (actually an old
building foundation), and planting
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Blue Movie:  Turning Red                                                                                                                                         Artist:  Anne D. War's-Hell
From 2 March 2005 to 15 September 2005

This pastiche integrates a theater of works.  Featured sculpture includes Gimmie a Lift, The Factory:  An Allegory (aka The Secret of
Mondrian), Paint the Town Red, A Sign of the Times, Cut it Out, In Front of the Green Doors, the reprise Behind the Green Doors (a
Double Feature), Cargo Cult, Scaffolding (a Temporary Installation), Chopper, and Flower Child.
A Sign of the Times (9OCT05).JPG
Majestic Stove Lofts Masonry Repairs (31MAY05).JPG
Majestic Stove Lofts, Robbins Law Firm, Edge Lofts
with Art2Part Gallery Front and Center (19AUG00).jpg
Behind the Green Doors (13NOV06).jpg
Passing the Bar:  Ted Swink Painting Bar
Joists (5AUG06).jpg
The Secret of Mondrian:  Randolph
Bradley Putting Finishing Touches on
Factory Window (1MAR01).jpg
Flower Child:  Randolph Bradley, Jimmie
Parker and Myron Swink Preparing
Flower Bed (5AUG07).jpg
Art2Part ® Gallery
2035 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63103
Dateline 9APR2005-Before the  
block buster installation "Behind the
Green Doors," there was nothing.  
The groundwork was cobbled
together, and the effort ramped up.  
The project seemed destined to
climb the ladder of success.
Gimme a Lift:  Mark Bammann on Manlift as Ray
Jackson Paints a Wall
Turning Red (19AUG00).jpg
Ted Swink Paints the Town Red
Dateline 22SEP2001-Artisan Ted
Swink continues with the theme of
Turning Red."
Blue Vacuum:  Hardworking Employee
Myron Swink (11AUG07).jpg
Cut It Out:  Door Demolition Preparations
with Randolph Bradley (9APR05).JPG
Scaffolding:  Myron Swink, Randolph Bradley, Al
Collins + Dwayne Taylor (17DEC06) .jpgt
In Front of the Green Doors (15EP05).JPG
Cargo Cult:  Myron Swink, Randolph Bradley, Al
Collins, Dwayne Taylor, and Jimmie Parker (sitting)
Dateline 4NOV2006-The crew
parts in this case.  This shipping
box proves the maximum that no
good void shall remain unfilled!
Dateline 15SEP2005-Behind
schedule, over budget, but with
grit and determination, the project
wraps.  Note the missing fencing
sections to the right.  The project
is 99 44/100% complete at this
Dateline 19AUG2000-In the
beginning, there was naught.  No
Majestic Stove Lofts to the left (it's
building).  The Robbins Law firm
just moved in (center building).  
The Edge Lofts building was still a
mail sorting facility (right
building).  But there was Art2Part ®
Dateline 19AUG200-Every good
movie starts with a script.  The
working title of this script was
Turning Red."  Sherwin-Williams'
Cranberry Bog to be precise, but
red was a more accessible name.
Scaffolding:  Alphonso Collins Grinds Plaster from
Office Walls (14OCT05).JPG
Dateline 14OCT2005-It's a grind,
but Al Collins steps up to
"de-plaster" the concrete block
wall where once was a front office.
Chopper:  Randolph Bradley Practices Low Altitude
Helicopter Maneuvers (25MAR02).JPG
Randolph Bradley takes to the skies
in a kit helicopter, literally flying by
the seat of his pants.  A friend
undertook initial construction of
this helicopter in The Manufactory.