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Mudjack Mania
Mudjack Mania
31 July -13 September 2009

To create a level playing field, Foundations Specialists mudjack 9,000 s.f. of concrete and jack hammer another 1,000 s.f. for
good measure.  With mudjacking, a limestone and cement slurry is pumped under pressure through holes drilled into the
concrete floor slabs in order to create hydraulic pressure, raising and leveling the slabs.  Part art, part science, it worked!
Art2Part ® Gallery
2035 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63103
Cutaway View of Water and DWV Pipes
Rubble Abounds
The Unique Art2Part Washroom (After)
The Foundation Specialists Crew Prepares to Mudjack
Randolph  Bradley and Bobcat
Foundation Specialists Mudjacks the Back Slabs
Destructive Tendencies
The Unique Art2Part Washroom (Before)
Myron Swink Digging His Work
Shaun Fulton & Myron Swink Excavate Water & DWV Pipes