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Bridgeport Series II
Moving & Grooving
Bridgeport Series II Moving & Grooving
10 October 2009

A one day performance event cutting it up with 5,100 pounds of heavy metal orchestration, in which an eBay acquisition from
StageOne in Bloomington, IL, is relocated to Art2Part in St. Louis, MO.  This Bridgeport  Series II Computer Numerical Control
(CNC)  mill features a 4 HP milling head, and a 30" X - 15" Y - 12" Z work envelope of up to 1,000 lbs.
Art2Part ® Gallery
2035 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63103
Unloading Bridgeport Series II with Charles Wilson, Brandon Clark, & Myron Swink
Randolph Bradley & Bridgeport Series II in Bloomington, IL
Bridgeport Series II & Tom Havey's Pickup Enroute to St Louis
Bridgeport Series II & Forklift in Bloomington, IL